Stockingford Medical Centre's Patient Representation Group had it's inaugural meeting on 26th February 2014.

At present there are only five members to the group, and we are looking to expand this over the coming months.  If you are a registered patient at the surgery and wish to participate please contact the surgery and ask to speak to the Practice Manager who will pass your details onto the PRG or alternatively you can contact the group by email at:

If you would like to speak to any member of our group about any issues please leave your contact details with our receptionist who will inform the Chairperson of the group to contact you.  Alternatively you can email the group at:

We are aware that there are many patients that would like to have their say but due to other commitments are not availabe to make it to the regular meetings.  To enable all of our patients a voice we aim to start a virtual Patient Participation Group.  If you would like more details please contact the Practice Manager in the first instance or email

Future dates for PPG meetings are:

18th September 2019

Terms of Reference final

Inaugural Meeting 26th February 2014
Report 2013-14