In order to make an appointment with the GP you will need to ring at 08:30 in the morning or 14:30 in the afternoon. 

All appointments with the Nurse are pre-bookable so you able to phone at anytime to make an appointment to see the Nurse or HCA. 

Please note that the receptionist will ask you for a brief reason as to why you are coming to see the GP. All of our staff are trained in confidentiality and will only ask questions that are relevant to obtaining the minimum amount of information to be able to help you effectively.

We offer specialised clinics for our patients on a Disease Management Register.  Annual review letters are sent to remind you to make an appointment.  If you have Hypertension, Asthma, COPD, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Kidney Disease or Rhuematoid Arthritis, you will be called in your month of birth for a review.  Most of these reviews require a blood test prior to your review, if you receive a blood test form please have your blood test prior to arranging an appointment with the nurse. Please note that we are no longer able to offer appointments at the surgery for a blood test.  You will now need to attend George Eliot Hospital, Pathology Department.  If you are housebound please contact reception and we will be able to arrange for a Phlebotomist to attend your home.

If you do not make an appointment after receiving your first review letter you will be sent another two letters in accordance with the regulations set out for clinical reviews.

Obtaining a Home Visit Home visits are intended for patients that are unable to attend surgery due to illness.  If a home visit is required please telephone surgery and request this before 10:00am.  It will be necessary for the receptionists to obtain all relevant information so that the Doctor may properly assess your problem and be able to decide whether a home visit is required. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.  All requests for home visits will be directed to the Doctor who will telephone the patient and decide whether he will attend a home visit or whether other advice can be given over the telephone.